Hunters Point South Living


Lounge & BBQ Guide Lines

*Please Note: Reservations are not confirmed until reservation form is returned to your attention with management signature. Therefore, it’s imperative that forms are completed and returned quickly.

Resident’s Responsibilities

A)       You are responsible for the Terrace/Event and its contents. You are responsible for the furniture, deck, and accessories, etc. If any item is damaged, destroyed, or missing, you must reimburse owner for replacement value or cost to repair.

B)       After the Event, you must empty all trash in refuse containers; it will be removed by the staff thereafter.

C)       You and your guests must comply with all rules governing the use of the Event space as set forth in you lease and/or owner’s house rules and regulations. All guests must stay within the event area and private terrace. There should NOT be any overflow onto the common deck area. You are responsible for your guest’s behavior.

D)       All doors and windows to the Event room must be kept closed while you are using the room.

E)       NO LIVE music is permitted in the Event room and/or terrace.


G)       Any resident who requests use of the Event room must be current with their account (rent and/or other charges).

H)       Management has the right to discontinue an event should it become disruptive to the quiet enjoyment of other residents. If a complaint is lodged against your Event, you shall receive a single warning from management to immediately lower the noise level. If this warning is not heeded, the event will be summarily terminated. Warnings from the concierge are to be regarded with the same weight as those from the Resident Manager.

I)       The Event area is available from 8am to 11:00pm. All Events are limited to 4 hours. Event Area must be vacated, cleaned, cleared by set time, failure to vacate will result in additional fees and restriction from future rentals.

J)       A list of guests must be left with the concierge desk prior to the Event.

K)       Furniture and room layout may not be moved or changed by resident

You agree that you are applying to reserve the Event room facilities for your own use and that you will be present at the Event.


Please note: Owner is not responsible for any personal property in the Event room.